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Oceana Surface Solutions (OSS) is a small machine manufacturing company located in Shelby, Michigan. 


The OSS machine was designed to fill and repair cracks & potholes using the 4 Season Pavement Repair products in bulk application.


Our main goal when building the machine was to make it easy to operate and dispense the materials efficiently.   Our secondary goal was to build the machine so that it was reliable and trouble-free.  All components and parts placed on the machine were purchased from selected vendors to ensure reliability.


We developed a state of the art computer system allowing the machine operator to easily adjust the material flow depending on weather conditions.  Hot & cold conditions can affect the set-up time of the material, which is normally 10 – 40 minutes.  If the material placed on the roads does not set-up in a timely manner, the machine operator can easily make adjustments to correct the situation through the computer.


To date, our proto-type machine has dispensed over 500,000 lbs. of material on Michigan state and county roads with no major machine issues. 


We also continually strive to improve the performance and efficiency of our machine by listening  to the customers’ needs and ideas that help us achieve our goals.

Pothole Preparation

To be successful using the machine and product the  pothole/crack must be prepared properly.
Tools required for proper preparation:
Broom, handheld blower, pick, shovel, etc.
This continuous crack clean-out also required an air compressor.
Last step - a primer adhesive is applied to the cleaned out pothole/crack before the blended product is dispensed

Product Used

The OSS machine dispenses the 4Seasons Pothole Repair Product 
The 4 Seasons product sets-up quickly in as little as 10-40 minutes.  
This product is DOT Compliant, and can be used on FAA approved
runways, expansion joints, bridge decks and parking lots.
The OSS machine mixes the following 4 Seasons components:
1. Liquid Tote
  • Emulsified water base asphalt product

  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC's

2. Bulk Material
  • Dry Material

3. Activator
  • Controls product set-up time

These are the only three components needed to make the 4 Seasons pothole filler.

OSS Machine Components


Custom Built Trailer

  • Electric brake

  • 11,000 lb. capacity

  • 2 5/16 ball or pintle hitch


  • KUBOTA Diesel Engine

  • 73 Horsepower turbocharged engine




  • Hydraulic pump - 40 GPM

  • 50 gallon hydraulic reservoir

  • 5 - high torque hydraulic motors with adjustable speed sensors


  • State of the art computer


  • 24 Volt System

  • Proprietary software


Machine Mixing

Dispensing Product

The machine combines the three components and dispenses them
  • Computer controls mixing process

  • Heavy Duty swivel (patent pending) with a 10’ operation radius

  • Hopper holds dry material

  • Activator tank 

Our experienced team has placed over 500,000 lbs. of the 4Seasons product using the OSS machine throughout the State of Michigan since 2015 
Filled pothole
Cross section of a filled pothole




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— D. Steffen, Calhoun County Director of Operations, Calhoun County

“We used 4Seasons Pothole/Crack filler in asphalt & concrete repairs, it works”



We hope you enjoyed looking at our site.  We would like to hear from you.  If you have any questions about the OSS Machine we will be happy to assist you.

For Inquiries about sales or services please contact one of our representatives.


Lyndon Turner

Tel: 231-923-8825

Email: oceanasurfacesolutions@gmail.com



Robert Verschueren

Tel: 928-920-8419

Email: rverschuerenjr@gmail.com


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